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In your face book

Only last week I was following the uproar in the UK about “abusive tweets” with a measure of disbelief. We’d been there before – how seriously should twitter and social media statuses be taken? Should the tools who abuse the tools be punished? The UK government was pretty serious about regulating twitter especially to protect […]

Facebook, Privacy and Deactivation (a list)

I chose midnight last Sunday as the time and day to deactivate my Facebook account. My personal Facebook account that is, if anything such as a personal Facebook account really exists. I’ve been asked “Why?” and been warned “Don’t” as though the issue of whether or not to have a FB account is a matter […]

As the Mayans Logged Off

To this day, the Guatemalan Mayans remark that outsiders note down things not in order to remember them, but rather so as not to remember them. Today’s world of hyperconnectivity often leads us to wonder whether our reliance on technology for knowledge and time management is beginning to “soften” our brains and make them less […]

The Hard Drive

While shopping for goods to fill the Christmas stockings you might have gone to some IT product store and had a good look at the prices for hardware goods. If you were shocked at the sudden hike in price for external drives for your PC/Mac or in the price for certain laptops you might be […]

Apps to Buy For

…your iphone of course. I am told by the lesser denizens of this earth that these apps are also available for non-iphone users. Anyway. I thought I’d give you a peep at the apps that have tickled my fancy recently. January 2011 might be a tad bit too late to wax lyrical about the power […]

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