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  • Governing Idiots to a Degree of Perception

    The Google Translate app (for both Android and iOS) is a thing of beauty. It works just like some instrument out of Star Trek. You can point your camera at any sign and it will instantly translate it into your language of choice. The guys at Google will be hard pressed though to work on […]

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  • It’s not about what Simon Says

    Diplomacy, they say, is the art of letting someone have it your way. I rarely agree with Joseph Muscat and I don’t always agree with Simon Busuttil and when it comes to the referendum for the abrogation of the turtledove and quail hunting regulations I am in agreement with neither of them. It’s not so […]

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  • Expression is free

    On his way to the Philippines Pope Francis conceded yet another few comments with regards to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France. It’s the Pope speaking – don’t forget he was considered for a long time to be infallible. Bergoglio is a great communicator and has won back many sheep to the fold of Catholicism […]

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  • Fence-sitting and Bird Hunting – all you need to know for the referendum

    On the 11th of April 2015 the Maltese electorate will be called upon to express its opinion as to whether or not the derogation to spring hunting should continue to be applied. In short, layman’s terms the referendum will determine whether or not it will be possible to continue to hunt birds in spring. At […]

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  • Blasphemy the redundant

    The first edition of Charlie Hebdo since the unfortunate events of last week is out tomorrow. The world has been given a preview of the front page which depicts a tearful prophet holding up a placard with the “Je suis Charlie” slogan. The background is in green – the colour of Islam – and the title […]

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  • Dear God (a letter from Charlie)

    Dear God, It’s been a long time. It’s J’accuse speaking, but today and for a few more days to come you can call me Charlie. Excuse me if I don’t follow the protocols you dictated to/inspired the various prophets when it comes to addressing your divine self. It’s just that you have not been too present, […]

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  • Ched’s no billboard material

    The fuss about Hibernians’ non-attempt to not sign disgraced footballer (is he a footballer?) Ched Evans was a mighty boon for Muscat’s government. Any distraction is welcome in a time of gaffes and defaulted promises. As it turns out, it was the player who was offered to the Paolite team and not Hibs who went […]

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  • Let them eat baguette

    A Happy New Year to all J’accuse readers and diehards. This blog starts its heavy trek towards celebrating ten years of blogging after an unforced hiatus. No, that is not a word stolen from Varist’s vocabulary. I return well rested from a visit to the islands that are fast becoming the second home with a […]

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  • On Resignations

    It has just been reported that Joseph Muscat considered his invitation to Dr Mallia to resign as a matter of courtesy. The impression that the Joseph Muscat of 15.00 hrs today wants to give is that the Joseph Muscat of 21.00 hours (approximately) yesterday was not simply asking Dr Mallia to consider the possibility of resigning […]

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  • No Bridge for Troubled Waters

    It’s such an annoying habit. The moment the government of the day feels that it is losing the PR plot somebody in the communications department rushes to the file cabinet marked “Red Herrings” and pulls out the thickest file of them all. “Bridge to Gozo” has all the makings of controversy à-la-carte that might only […]

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  • Bang! Bang! Democracy!

    Two shots. It could take two reckless, dangerous, irresponsible, illegal shots to finally get the people to “wake up and smell the coffee”. It might. There’s no telling really how willing an electorate can be to allow the fundamental tenets of a democracy to shatter before its eyes. That the nation was in the hands […]

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  • By Appointment

    I was asked recently to give my two cents’ worth for an article being prepared by a MaltaToday journalist. He was looking into the recent history of KSU and more particularly the trend of ex-KSU council members becoming politicians (even more particularly Nationalist politicians). Was the university student council simply a machine geared to churn […]

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