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  • Or words to that effect

    Was it Michael Falzon who insisted that we do not call an amnesty an amnesty? You know that measure being touted by the Taghna Lkoll government whereby any environmental and planning injustices can be righted by the payment of a proportionally small fine? Well he wants us to call it a fine or something like […]

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  • The Infamous Vote

    It’s great that people like Joseph Calleja, the Archbishop and other ‘VIPs’ such as Vanni Bonello have lent their support to the “NO” vote. I do find it a little disturbing though that there have been calls from some quarters for more “famous” people to “come out” and proclaim that they too will be voting to […]

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  • Passport Kings and Joseph

    An article published on Bloomberg on March 11th speaks about Christian Kalin – the Passport King – and how he managed to turn from editor of a guide to doing business in Switzerland to a key figure in the budding passport industry, as well as a main protagonist in the infamous Henley & Partners. The […]

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  • Ten

    So You Want To Be A Writer – Charles Bukowski if it doesn’t come bursting out of you in spite of everything, don’t do it. unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind and your mouth and your gut, don’t do it. if you have to sit for hours staring at your computer […]

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  • Dix

    – Dès les Considérations inactuelles Nietzsche s’était calmé, il avait compris qu’il n’est pas possible d’infliger au lecteur une quantité exagérée d’idées, qu’il faut composer, lui laisser reprendre son souffle. Vous aussi, dans Vertiges des néologismes, vous avez eu la meme évolution, et ca en fait un livre plus accessible. La différence, c’est qu’après, Nietzsche a […]

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  • Politics, for example

    Yes, Giovanna Debono should resign. Her position in parliament as a representative of the people is untenable so long as her husband is under investigation for abuse of office. The sad truth is that the moment a minister employs his or her spouse or close relatives within their own ministry their position should no longer […]

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  • The War on Hunting in Liliput

    It might seem to be hotting up. What is it about this nation that turns any democratic decision making exercise into an internecine battle? As the referendum approaches we get to watch the two sides and their different approach to convincing people to cast the vote in their favour. At some point the “No” camp, […]

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  • The Money of Politics

    In the current whirlwind that is the Swissleaks scandal we risk missing the wood for the trees. Public opinion is easily distracted by petty insinuations and suppositions that run on the lines of taste and “intuition”. Assumptions are always preferable to sound facts and are the refuge of the lazy or the manipulating. As news broke […]

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  • The Blame Game & Simon

    Opposition leader Busuttil was lambasted from some quarters for having dared suggest that the whole Enemalta procurement scandal was actually abused of as electoral fodder by Muscat and his men. What Busuttil suggested was really not too hard to understand – if the information was available long before the election loomed ominously, why was it […]

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  • I.M. Jack – the pauline edition

    Gone fishing or the Public Accounts Committee I caught a glimpse of the proceedings at the Public Accounts Committee sessions. Inelegant and clumsy are the first words that come to mind. It was never meant to be a fashion statement or synchronised swimming, sure, but the overall impression before getting down to the nitty gritty […]

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  • The barbarians and the gates

    If you ever stopped to read the writing on Floriana’s Porte des Bombes (Heaven forbid that you did stop, it is after all in the middle of a main road) you would have read the inscription “Ad maiorem popoli comoditatem” which is latin for “For the greater comfort of the people”. The events of the […]

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  • Urban

    Walking around Valletta during my last visit to Malta I opted to pass through “is-Suq”, the closed food market that is still crying out to be converted for proper use. I would not use the word dilapidated but the state of what should be a vibrant part of the City of Gentlemen leaves much to […]

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