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Corradin No

A reader joins the increasing number of J’accuse contributors. “As You Are” kicks off his contributions with a poem called Corradin No.   Corradin No Maltese politicians will never know what it’s like to do time at Corradino and then, when it’s over, to go back home to your mum, or your girlfriend, or your […]

Acts of engagement: an appeal

Anton Caruana Galizia sent this open appeal for publication. These are times when different people from different walks of life have been shaken into action. At this moment the reflection is on what to do and how to do it. Anton’s appeal includes that of small acts of engagement. It is definitely a first step […]

Joe Bloggs: Thoughts on Daphne

Joe Bloggs (a pseudonymn) shares his thoughts on Daphne Caruana Galizia.  Joe Bloggs regularly commented on the Running Commentary as well as on other online papers. Here he tries to look at what it might have been like to be on the receiving end of insults and threats. Perhaps the worst part was the degradation, […]

Panamagate: Labour’s Fell Swoop

Occam’s Laser is a long-time J’Accuse reader who works in the financial services sector. In this article Occam argues that Labour is willfully muddying the waters over Panamagate, exploiting the concerns of conscientious liberals to further its own agenda. The Labour Party is desperate. For three months it has tried to brazen out Panamagate, but […]

Anne Fenech and Zammit Lewis

This Zolabyte is actually taken from an intervention by someone in a facebook thread discussing Anne Fenech’s reply to Minister Zammit Lewis’ allegations about her consultancy contracts with the government in the past. The discussion had veered out of point with people discussing whether Anne Fenech was right in opposing the citizenship program and law […]

I dreamt a dream

  It’s been a long while since the last Zolabyte. When my friend put this status up on facebook with his reflections on the scandal that just hit FIFA and the possible links to global politics I could not but ask for his permission to reproduce it here as a guest post. Here is HB’s […]

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