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Us and Them

This cannot be comforting news but it did ring a familiar bell. The Italian region closest to us has an unfortunate reputation among most other people – whether Italian or foreign. For a very long time the word Sicily would conjure up ideas of shopping trips and a quick and cheap escape from the socialist […]


November gives us not one but two days of remembrance. Today, the first, is the 5th of November – associated with Guido Fawkes and the failed gunpowder plot against James I of the United Kingdom. In six days time the second day of remembrance – emblazoned with the words “Lest We Forget” will once again […]

Do You Feel Lucky?

Writing in yesterday’s Sunday Times, Inhobbkom Joseph told anybody who cared to listen that he was “deeply saddened” after the nation “experienced another frustrating and an-gering fireworks tragedy”. He went on to tell us that we have waited too long for legislation on fireworks and that he too lives in dread of the next explosion. […]

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