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Civil Society and its critics

A long read. This post takes a look at the actors and interests in the current debate on the rule of law in Malta.  This afternoon the European Parliament will discuss a resolution on the Rule of Law in Malta. Point 5 of the Draft Resolution reads that “[The European Parliament] Regrets that developments in […]

The New Normal

  In another guest post, Eleonora Sartori reflects on the messages from yesterday’s demonstration. The new normal In Canto III of the Inferno, Dante Alighieri describes the sighs and piercing cries of woe of “the miserable spirits of those who lived neither infamy nor praise”. These are the so-called “ignavi”, from Latin “ignavus”, i.e. someone […]

Strait Street Activism

October 2017 has also been the month of the worldwide #metoo campaign – a campaign highlighting the victims of sexual assault. Tonight, as hundreds of women kicked off the #occupyjustice campaign by setting up tents in Castille Square a civil rights stalwart from the 20th century decided to offer his own expert opinion on the […]

James Debono at the Civil Society Demo

Reproduced with the kind permission of the author. Nhar it-Tnejn Daphne inghatat il-piena kapitali minn xi hadd li tant hassu omnipotenti li ddecieda li jhassar mid-dinja gurnalista li bil-pinna taghha kienet saret tehdida… Meta smajt l-ahbar hassejt vojt…il-vojt li thoss meta thoss li pajjizek tilef bicca minn ruhu. Ghalhekk wara giet ir-rabja. Xoghol il-gurnalist mhux […]

Celebrating Misrepresentation

A party and a protest. Manifestations of victory and mourning collide in Valletta when one extreme of society calls upon its supporters to celebrate their enemies’ crushing defeat while the conservatives shed tears among hyperboles and exaggerations. It is fantastic for all the same-sex couples who can finally accede to the institution of marriage. It […]

The Marriage Equality Bill and the label on the box

The Act to amend the Marriage Act (etc) is storming through parliament as it inevitably would given the repeat of the concomitant factors that allowed for a spate of progressive cum liberal laws in 2013. We have a Labour government elected with a huge margin and therefore with a comfortable majority in Parliament that is […]

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