Two thousand and seventeen listicles

The self-imposed hiatus is still on for I managed to go through December resisting the temptation to type many a post. 2017 promises to be an even harder time for blogs of this type that exist in the limbo of old-fashioned punditry resisting all types of clickbait-inspired metamorphoses. In this limbo we look around at the newly formed constellation made up of “fake truths”, “hyperreal information overload”, leaks and counterleaks, big brother propaganda and social media madness. Like the italian songwriter we are constantly in search of a permanent center of gravity – deceiving ourselves with the notion that change only happens to others.

Maltese politics is still firmly planted in the parroting phase – wherever you look – there is nothing that has not been done somewhere else before. Opportunism is disguised as cynical realism as the last bastion of democracy seems to have abdicated his role. In case you are wondering who that is then stop doing so. Just look at the mirror. It is you. You can sense the general feeling of resignation that has overwhelmed the public in general. No podemos. No we can not. Obama is gone, the British are fleeing the ship that we don’t understand and the alternatives to government seem hopelessly in disarray. In the land of the one-eyed men that is mired in scandals, shit and hypocrisy the self-appointed “influencers” toy with their amateur analysis and play around with leak and counterleaks provided by that part of the population who are only to happy to feed the circus animals more fodder.

There is no plan though. No big idea to step out of this zombie producing mediocrity. This blog had long warned that we were heading to the bottom. We are now living the life at the bottom of the barrel. Everything stinks. No matter where you look and no matter who you turn to.

I spent December and part of January binge watching Romanzo Criminale and Gomorra (series in both cases, not the movie). Romanzo Criminale is an ideal place where to begin looking at and understanding the complex web of dependencies between the “powers” that run this earth – from politicians, to spiritual leaders, to the police and secret services, to the sports world, to speculators and businessmen. All through our lifetimes we lived the illusion that we were building a free world – an open society of liberal democracies based on the rule of law. Fiction based partially on fact shows us that instead we were living an illusion. The powers that be will not let go of their stranglehold easily – and we can cry about the environment, about poverty, about social and economic rights till we turn blue. The truth is that somewhere out there there is someone plotting the next coup, the next “roadmap” that will line the pockets of the few and will con the eternally duped for another few years.

“Tutti l’agnelli se fanno lupi quanno vedono du quatrini”

Gone Feasting



The festive season came early here at J’accuse. We forgot to log off and wish our readers all the best. We’ll be back with the New Year. Recharged.

Thanks for reading and hanging on with this blog as it starts its 11th year.

This has been J’accuse… blogging so you don’t have to.


Illum wara nofsinhar ġej insellimlek. Martek qaltilna ma nilbsux kulur id-dwejjaq. Qaltilna li ma kontx tkun tixtieq, u minkejja li ma nafekx sew naqbel. Biex nilbsu lewn ħsibijietek u tbissimtek inkunu irridu qata’ sew mill-materjal tal-hippies, dawk tal-psikedeliku.

Kif għidtlek, ma nafekx sew Philip. Bilkemm kont indunajt li għandek (għax tibqa’ għal dejjem) affinita għall-inkwina. Nafek l-iktar mill-eteru u fuq l-eteru fejn triqitna virtwali kienu ta’ sikwit jiltaqgħu u kont nogħxa nomgħod osservazzjoni minn tiegħek. Iva, nafek ukoll bħala kumpann ieħor tal-fratellanza neo-liberali li ħarbet tiġri minn Malta u dik is-soffokazzjoni iżolana mimlija preġudizzji.

Spiss iltqajna ukoll f’ajruporti – fi tranżitu bejn post u ieħor – u skambjajna formalitajiet ta’ malajr. Xejn iktar. Iżda fuq l-eteru kont tħalli l-marka. Kont titfa osservażżjoni dejjem f’waqtha u f’moħħi kont inpinġik ġullar ta’ qorti li qiegħed hemm biex jiddikostruwixxi u jfakkarna li fl-aħħar mill-aħħar kollha dixxendenti ta’ l-istess ċorma xadini. Ġullar bravu, wisq iktar bravu milli jħalik tifhem li hu, u b’imħabba kbira għall-għarfien illi għoġbu jżewweġ mal-imħabba għad-dinja ġdida teknoloġika.

Lili dak li kien jogħġobni fik Philip. Li l-osservazzjonijiet tiegħek, serji kemm kienu serji, f’waqthom kemm kienu f’waqthom, kellhom sens qawwi  umoristiku ġo fihom. Dan l-egħruq kien ħoloq fil li għadda f’kull ħsieb li qsamt miegħek (minkejja li kienu ftit) u ħassejt li konna naduraw l-istess Alla li l-ewwel u qabel kollox kellu sens kbir umoristiku. Hekk hu, Philip, l-Alla li forsi lesti li nemmnu fih jaf jidħaq u jidħaq sew. Jiġbor nies ġentili u twajba bħalek li miżgħuda bl-imħabba tal-għerf qabel iż-zmien. Jew forsi dik kienet l-ikbar ċajta tiegħu…

Sens umoristiku kbir  għandu dan Alla Philip, avolja kulltant iħallina b’ħalqna miftuħa flok middieħqa. Imma forsi dan kollu jsir bi skop – il-kuluri, l-iskerzi u d-differenzi… il-kapaċita li nifhmu li hemm dinja wisq ikbar minn dawk l-erba’ ħitan magħluqa li bdejna fihom… il-ħarba mill-għar u t-twaħħid kuxjenti ma dinja li mill-eċċentriku toħloq norma…

Iva Philip, forsi ma tliftx ħabib imma tlift xi ħaġa ikbar. Tlift vuċi oħra li kienet tlewwen dinja li wisq saret tistona bin-normalita tedjanti u konformi.

Huwa minnu Philip, li kif kien jgħid persunaġġ kulurit ieħor li ħalliena dan l-aħħar “… l’impresa eccezionale, dammi retta, è essere normale.

Saħħiet ħabib. Nittama li int fejn int, tagħmel x’inti tagħmel, l-importanti li qiegħed tidħaq.

“God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” – Voltaire

From Minority Reports … a comment by Philip

Ah the nature of things, that ineffable theme. What you seem to be saying, in the end, is that for the PN to be successful at being the PN it needs to stop being the PN, and become what? A PN that is, by it’s nature, very good at being PN! A True scotsman indeed!

Let’s cut through the chase, what you’re calling for implies the establishment of a new POLITICAL party the likes of which Malta has not seen in our lifetimes. Human resources being scant, such an entity will have to poach the best from the established, and PN being the losers right now, they are most prime for the culling.

You have repeatedly accused the political establishment of being morally inept. What makes you think that now suddenly, they have the aptitude or inclination to seek out what is morally right, not just for them, but for the nation? And if you don’t think they actually have changed, deep inside their soul, who are your appeals directed at?


I aten’t dead (reprise)

Yes it has been the silly season and we have taken a step back from the computer screen. Between a marathon of pre-season football frenzy (Britghton, Charity Shield, Metz and Metz again as well as Luxembourg’s great victory against Lithuania) and desperate attempts to enjoy the laid back season we did not really keep our regular appointment on this site.

The silly season did not disappoint what with fatwahs in the form of libel and a very twisted concept of what the freedom of expression (and subsequent right to control it) means in a liberal democracy we still had much with what to be amused. Very amusing was the belated discovery in some quarters of the very Labour idea that “so long as it is an opinion then it is right”. Also in some quarters we saw the return of the “they voted AD” label as though this was some kind of equivalent to the Star of David to be worn in Nazi times.

The inference that a reader is supposed to make from the “they voted AD” label is that the carrier of such a label is responsible for the predicament that our poorly nation finds itself in. Sad really. Given how the current incumbent found its way into power thanks to the sloppiness and hopelessness of what many wrongly considered as the “only viable alternative” it would be much easier to put the blame of having Joseph in government fairly and squarely on the doorstep of those who pushed the sorry line of a government that was anything but viable as an alternative.

Yes. Once you ask yourself how this bunch of incompetent fools currently running the show managed to attract a swing of 30,000 votes and more in their favour you will get only one honest answer: because the alternative to this bunch of incompetent fools was not exactly attracting the points. Blame AD? Might as well shoot yourself in the foot. Keep at it and you’re giving Joseph a free ride to the next election with your baseless pontificating.

Anyways. This blog is taking one last long week of sabbatical – off to charge our batteries in our island home (and hoping that Bondi has not eaten all the Dentici). We leave you with a new J’accuse quote for 2013… hoping to see you all back in September.

“Just as you began to really believe that ‘knowledge is power’ you realise that stupid is making itself quite comfortable on the throne.”


The Knot

We have been away and will be for some time yet. It’s a special time in the J’accuse family. The younger J’accuse – who is as similar to J’accuse as night is to day – will be tying the knot this weekend. He may be Malta’s topmost podologist (just kidding, no ethical issues involved here – just a dig at other “indispensable” professionals) but he remains the younger brother. It’s been hectic, it’s still hectic as is wont to happen in the J’accuse household. It would have been better had the weather been more clement in the run up but hey… fingers crossed for Sunday.

Meanwhile bear with us for the absence for a while longer and allow me to use this, Malta’s longest running blog (with wedding hiatuses), to wish the bro and his lovely wife-to-be all the best.

Bitch please

I’ve got to stifle a yawn. Or two. But here goes.

1. I aten’t dead. Just calmer. Cooler. Zen.

2. Fear. Ignorance. They’re still out there. They’re still peddling their stories. they still think fear can get you to twist your thoughts. Sensational taste. They say jump you’ll say how high.

3. Sadly for Labour I’ve never been on their side. I’ve assessed them I’ve criticised them I’ve pointed out their deficiencies. The whole thesis on which this blog’s political arguments based itself was specifically the role of Labour as one of the parties unable to let go of their undeserved control of the system.

4. Sadly for the PN, I pointed out that they had taken the same path as Labour – only it was taking longer for them to find out. Part of that path involved relying on the merchants of spite and taste. Part of that path involved doing just what a young and (much) fresher Caruana Galizia had warned in 1991 before the grey hair, long chin and lumberjack shirts set in. Part of that path relied on nurturing fear and ignorance.

5. Happily for AD they were in the right place and the right time. I openly backed them throughout the campaign because I saw them as an even better vehicle to break the mold this time round. I do not regret it. Sadly for AD my political blogging days were already with their seconds counted. The “guilt by association” was taking its toll – before the election was over. Out of respect for others I would have to put a pause on my political content. A pause mind you.

6. After 8 years of hearing labourites and nationalists tell me that “hobzi mahbuz” I will probably now have to hear more of the same. They always seem to have a have a reason. Lanzit. You know the kind. Ask Daphne. It’s generally that they do not like to listen to what I had to say and need to use that famous “fear and violence” to shut you up. (That is when the rent-a-camera crew are not at work).

What I said before I will say again. I will stop blogging about politics in this blog out of respect of others and also because of the guilt by association perpetrated by those who should know better than participate in this festival of fear and ignorance.

I don’t have any regrets about what I blogged until now and bear full responsibility for it. No lies. No distortions. No hidden agendas. No ghost writing for Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando or any other old-guard politician. Nothing.

Sadly the very fact that I have been proven right about the degeneration of our political system means that for the moment I have to step back from posting about politics in this blog.

Don’t worry though. We’ll be back. Definitely.