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Silvio Schembri, Lies & 1984

Silvio Schembri – a member of Joseph Muscat’s government – was born in 1985. He could not remember 1984 , the year, and quite frankly I doubt whether he read the book. If he has, then I doubt he learnt any lessons from Orwell. While going through facebook last night I came across a post by Silvio Schembri. He was reacting to David Casa’s expose’ of recent events and more particularly to what he obviously perceives as the “threat” of EU scrutiny.

In his verve to shoot down whatever Casa said, the Honourable Schembri stated “Hon. Casa, you can ask the PN during whose tenure (in government) Pilatus Bank was given a license to operate.” Interesting I thought. Only it is not correct. This is a clear case of whitewashing of facts and a simple check would show that Pilatus’ license was issued on the 3rd of January 2014 – in full Joseph Muscat swing. I decided to gently point this out to the Rght. Hon. Member of Joseph’s government. “LIAR” I commented. I used block caps because that was what the fawning acolytes were using at that instance. I used the word “LIAR” because it was the right word to use as an objective assessment of the facts at hand. Schembri was wilfully stating a wrong fact – that in my books is a LIE.

I saved the screenshot for safety. For safety and for the simple reason that I knew that it would not be long before Silvio Schembri would do what members of our political community are so good at when faced with incontrovertible facts that they have been caught LYING. Sure enough Silvio Schembri removed my comment and my pic which included definite incontrovertible proof that he was LYING.

Schembri’s LIE is still on facebook. It is not just fake news. It is a LIE.

When challenged by others on the same thread Schembri came up with this explanation:

1984. Because we can.

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  • Michael Cremona November 11, 2017, 12:17 am

    The upside of Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri’s lie is that we finally have an admission from a prominent Labour politician that granting a licence to Pilatus Bank is something to be ashamed of.

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