akkuza.com in Beta Feb11


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akkuza.com in Beta

the lowdown on the Beta version of akkuza.com – guidelines on RSS – and the announcement of the “Austin the Hip Monthly Post”
You’ve seen the ads (if not scroll down), you’ve heard the hype being artificially built up as only a blogger can, and now we bring you the “simple” link. This year’s anniversary present to future J’accuse readers who still don’t know what they are missing (either because they do not get it or because they cannot get in) is a simpler (much simpler) home page address for the blog. As my favourite ad character would say “Simples” (Alexander Orlov the meerkat found exclusively at www.comparethemeerkat.com and not www.comparethemarket.com).

RSS Feeds

A few guidelines for the tech savvy. The www.akkuza.com (hereinafter referred to as “the akkuza site”) address is in Beta. All it is for now is a mirror pointing you to the content of www.jacquesrenezammit.com/jaccuse. That means that unless you use the automatic “Subscribe RSS feed” link at the top right corner of the main page of the blog you will have to manually input “www.jacquesrenezammit.com/jaccuse” into your RSS feeder to add this site to your reading list. It’s a bit complicated (but not that much unless you are Austin Sammut in which case it doesn’t matter ’cause you’re “against blogs” anyway) but you will (hopefully) only be able to point your feeders to the akkuza site after the 10th of March when we transfer all content to that address. A round of applause and encouraging slaps on the back go to voluntary tech advisor Mr SL for his invaluable help on the switch.


The ‘Austin the Hip’ Monthly Post

Lastly, expect some goodies from a series of guest posters who will be contributing a long or short post celebrating J’accuse’s 5th anniversary. Also we are hoping to attract a permanent guest poster to transform him into a rubrique and revive him from his temporary absence from the net. In addition to the guest posts upon invitation we are proud to announce the “J’accuse Austin the Hip Monthly Post”. In an effort to encourage more and more people to start blogging (and discouraging the “against blogs crowd”) we are opening the doors of J’accuse to the general public. It is a public soapbox sort of thing where we invite you, the reader, to send in a post (max 800 words) on a topic of your choice. Management reserves the right to choose the best post every month (no slanderous, libellous or personal arguments – and danny, easy on the wine).

Spread the Word

So now it’s easier to tell friends about this site. “akkuza.com” – that’s all there is to it. Turn on. Log In. Cop Out.


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